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Welcome to Hourglass
Bridge stablecoins in 5 minutes — only a 0.01% fee.
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Moving money should be easy.

That's why we built Hourglass, the next generation of bridging.
Our novel architecture provides best-in-class:

Hourglass charges only 0.01% per swap -  often 90% cheaper than market leaders.
We got rid of onchain pools - making the target for bridge hacks about 99% smaller.
Trades clear in 5 minutes, and they’re only getting faster.

Hourglass is built different.

Order book marketplaces dominate CeFi for a reason: they're highly efficient and responsive. However, Ethereum's scalability issues prevented the development of a decentralized on-chain order book... until now.

Hourglass boasts the first viable on-chain order book system with Minute Markets, our core atomic unit.
No more pool parties.
Bridges today rely on massive on-chain pools to provide liquidity. It's no coincidence that $2.8 billion has been hacked from bridges to date: pools are a mouthwatering honeypot for hackers.

So, how did we improve on pools? We eliminated them entirely. Our on-chain order book system dramatically reduces total funds at risk. That means safer waters to sail in for the entire DeFi ecosystem.
making money modular.
Hourglass is designed as a plug-and-play liquidity solution for any EVM chain. By working with Hourglass, stablecoins and blockchain protocols alike can tap into a global liquidity layer and focus on innovating where they're most passionate.
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